Visioning and Leadership

This course is designed to help students to think about the meanings and the qualities required for ‘genuine leadership’, and to encourage them to discover their own potentials and value-based visions. 

Design Thinking for Problem-Solving

This lecture is targeted at students who want to learn how to solve problems from various perspectives.
Design thinking is applicable to the various area of economy, business, education, politics, administration, management, design, architecture, and startups.
Students can practice coming up with creative solutions through design thinking.

Entrepreneurship for Empowerment and Making Changes to the World

This course is designed for students to learn and understand the concept and philosophy of entrepreneurship as key to making world a better place. Learning the importance of entrepreneurship both for individual and the society as a whole, students can have a chance to be familiar with the basic tools and process of entrepreneurial problem solving through creative thinking.

How to Be a Good Communicator

This course deals with communication and persuasion.
By taking this course, students can understand the nature and characteristics of communication, practice effective ways to communicate and persuade, build confidence, and improve skills in communication.

Gender and Leadership

This course explores gender issues in leadership. Why does the gender imbalance persist in leadership positions? What roles does gender play in leadership? In other words, how do gender stereotypes and prejudices impact our perception and understanding of women in leadership? Dealing with these questions, this course provides students with an opportunity to reflect on what roles their gender has already played in their choices and experiences as they have lived as students and/or workers.

Global Business Development of Korean MNEs

How to catch the moving target? Through this course, you will learn about A to Z of global business based on Korean MNEs.

Design your life with creativity

During this ‘Design Your Life with Creativity’ course, you will be able to understand the meaning and importance of creativity. The lecturer teaches you to know how to improve creative thinking skills. After this course, you will recognize the relationship between creativity, innovation, and leadership and start to build up your creativities.


Why is ‘understanding others’ difficult? Communication is more than words and good communication is helping others become better. Through this course, you can learn communication more systematically and in-depth!


After taking this 'Vision' course, you will be able to explain what vision is, understand the importance of vision, and figure out the differences between vision, goal, and value. Furthermore, you will be able to create “my vision statement”.