The UNESCO-UNITWIN Program is designed to build capacities of higher education and research institutions through exchanging and sharing knowledge. Sookmyung UNESCO-UNITWIN aims to promote the International Network for “Women’s Empowerment through ICT Skills and Leadership Education”.


The University Twinning and Networking (UNITWIN) program was established in 1992 at the 26th session of UNESCO General Conference for the contribution of Higher Education to the SDGs and the “leaving no one behind”. Since then, this program promotes international inter-university cooperation and networking to enhance institutional capacities through knowledge sharing and collaborative work.

Through this network, higher education and research institutions all over the globe pool their resources to address pressing challenges and contribute to the development of their societies. They have proven useful in informing policy decisions, establishing new teaching initiatives, generating innovation through research, and contributing to the enrichment of existing university programs while promoting cultural diversity.


In 2014 Sookmyung Women’s University was appointed as a host institution under the theme of ‘Women’s Empowerment through ICT Skills and Leadership’ in multidisciplinary areas to offer a collaboration platform within partner universities in training, research, and exchange of academics.

In 2015, Sookmyung Women’s University created an International Network and invited universities, NGOs, and cooperation agencies around the world. Sookmyung UNESCO-UNITWIN has annually expanded the UNITWIN Network, which currently consists of 16 universities from 9 countries in Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Sookmyung UNESCO-UNITWIN program has been run Asia Pacific Women's Information Network Center (APWINC), the global institution specialized in gender and ICT which is affiliated to Sookmyung Women's University with the following objectives.

       −  OBJECTIVES
  1. Increasing educational opportunities for women through ICT skills and leadership training
  2. Changing the perception towards women’s empowerment as an essential tool to achieve gender equality in developing countries
  3. Contributing to the socio-economic development of the country by fostering female talents through ICT skills and leadership
  4. Supporting teaching and research capacity development of higher education institutions in developing countries

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