Understanding and Practicing Mobile APP UI & UX

This course will cover practical app prototyping, a crucial aspect of creative ideation. While there are various prototyping tools available, we will focus on using the highly functional and commonly used tool, "Figma". Figma offers excellent collaboration for app planning, design, and development, with fast and useful features that enable the creation of app UI/UX.

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Understanding and Examples of IT & ICT Startups

This course teaches students the 'Entrepreneurship' they need to have through IT·ICT startups in the 4th industrial revolution. Focusing on skills of developing ‘Business Opportunity’ and ‘creativity and adventurous spirit’ based on an experimental procedure. Students can gain experience in innovative experimentation through simple startup practices.

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Digital Entrepreneurship

This course is targeted to students who are interested in establishing companies and applicable to the area of entrepreneurship and startups.

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Entrepreneurship in the Era of Digital Transformation

This course is targeted to students who want to be an entrepreneurial leader in the age of digital economy and is applicable to the area of technological innovation, business innovation, and public sector innovation in the age of digital economy. 

Upon successful completion of the course, you should be able to:

- Understand the nature of digital transformation

- Understand how the environment of business is changing as a result of digital transformation and technological developments, and the implications of these changes for business strategy

-Understand what entrepreneurial orientation is required to nurture digital entrepreneurship

ESG & Women

This course is targeted to the students who are interested in ESG & gender issues and applicable to the area of business and policies. By taking this course, you can learn the basic concepts of ESG, realize the urgency of ESG implementation, and understand the relationship between ESG and women.

Current Trends and Best Practices in the Use of ICTs by Women Entrepreneurs

This course introduces students to the current trends and best practices of ICT use by female entrepreneurs. It also presents results of case studies conducted in 21 countries as regards success factors and challenges facing successful women entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship for Empowerment and Making Changes to the World

This course is designed for students to learn and understand the concept and philosophy of entrepreneurship as key to making world a better place. Learning the importance of entrepreneurship both for individual and the society as a whole, students can have a chance to be familiar with the basic tools and process of entrepreneurial problem solving through creative thinking.