The UNESCO-UNITWIN Program is designed to build capacities of higher education and research institutions through exchanging and sharing knowledge. Sookmyung UNESCO-UNITWIN aims to promote the International Network for “Women’s Empowerment through ICT and Leadership Education”.

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Remember Her Story

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ Besides, there are so many brilliant women who changed the world. You can see them on the site below. - https://www.biographyonl...

Training Materials


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Lao PDR (National University of Laos/NUOL)_Premie

You can download the material (click the attached file below↓) for 'Premiere' lecture by Lecturer Lira Choi. Please feel free to make any ...

Lao PDR(National University of Laos/NUOL)_Photosh

Lao PDR (National University of Laos/NUOL)_Arduin

Lao PDR (National University of Laos/NUOL)_Proces

Lao PDR (Souphanouvong University/SU)_Arduino


Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Creativity

You can download the material (click the attached file above↑) used for 'Creatifity' lecture by Dr. Chung Kwangsook Please feel free to l...

Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Self-Esteem

Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Female Ledaership

Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Time Management

Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Communication



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