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"Appreciated Note From A participant who joined twice of the UnescoUnitwin Local Workshop in Cambodia"

I never thought of joining the program like this before untill my friend send me the announcement of the program "Local Traning of UnescoUnitwin at RUPP in 2018".I remember I joined as leadership participant at that time. I learnt a lot from the programs related to leadership skills and many more. I told myself that this program is a worth in my whole life. And next year come again, in 2019 the same friend of mine asked me to apply and join the workshop again with her. In that time I remember I summit the application form on the deadline which I did not expect to apply for it again. But at that time I apply as participant for ICT skills. Since I am interested with ICT and also want to learn new things as well. As expected I had learnt alot of things  which I did not know what exactly it is before. For example like Arduino and more staffs which I have never seen or touch it before. It is hard for me to adapt with new things which I do not have basic knowledge with since my major is related to Business and International Studies. However slowly slowly , I started to enjoy myself with the environment of ICT since I have good professors from Sookmyung Women's University and especially our mentor , Ms Lee Yoojung which is one of volunteer students from SKMU to assist us as well. I want to take this opportunity to shout out for her as well. Thanks for taking care of us when we are in Korea. Finally I won the local competition and was funded to go to South Korea for joining Advanced Workshop and International Competition in December 2019. It was one of best moment in my life which I got to leave my comfort zone and meet a lot of participants from different countries like Vietnam ,Indonesia , Laos and Us from Cambodia. Especially I got to visit my dream country which is South Korea. Even at the end Our group did not win the competition but we still got excited that at least we did our best and we did not dissapointed with what we have done. What I love the most is my group's team work which I could not thank them enough for their hard working and especially I love our team spirit and each of our team member "APSARA". I will always remember each one of you "Usa, Laihout, Thorng, Theavy, Nisa, Rita and Lalin". I want to say "I love all of you ; each and everyone of you". And I also would like to thank to all APWINC staffs especially Ms Eunji Jang for taking care of us very hard. I miss the time when you were walking along us to the first lunch , Insadong, Bukchon Hanok Village and especially every morning going for class and every evening going back to the hotel. And also other staffs and organizers as well. Last but not least  I would like to say thank you so much all Sookmyung's Women Students for spending your valuable times in helping to organizing this event as well. I know some of you are busy with your school and assignments but still you spend your time for the program. Can't thank you enough . And without professors , We could not get those skills and knowledge as well. Can't thank you enough professors... we will remember all of you. Thank you for making this program happen I wish the programs will continue and I want to see more students at my University to participate in this workshop too. I am missing each and everyone of you ;). 



A participant of Unesco Untwin Local Workshop at RUPP from Cambodia in 2018 &2019

and A participant of ICT Advance workshop and International Competition 02/12-06/12/2019.








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