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52 LEADERSHIP Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Creativity file DOWNLOAD 
51 LEADERSHIP Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Self-Esteem  
50 LEADERSHIP Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Female Ledaership & Visioning file DOWNLOAD 
49 LEADERSHIP Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Time Management file DOWNLOAD 
48 LEADERSHIP Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Communication file DOWNLOAD 
47 ICT Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Arduino file DOWNLOAD 
46 ICT Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Processing file DOWNLOAD 
45 ICT Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Video Production file DOWNLOAD 
44 ICT Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_MS Office(Excel) file DOWNLOAD 
43 ICT Cambodia (Life University/RUPP)_Software-oriented Society file DOWNLOAD 
42 ICT Indonesia (Universitas Nasional)_Application of Basic Computer Skills : Microsoft Office file DOWNLOAD 
41 ICT Indonesia (Universitas Nasional)_Application of Internet : Web Production file DOWNLOAD 
40 ICT Indonesia (Universitas Nasional)_Application of Programming : Arduino file DOWNLOAD 
39 ICT Indonesia (Universitas Nasional)_The importance of ICT & IoT file DOWNLOAD 
38 ICT Indonesia (Universitas Nasional)_Introduction to Programming : Scratch file DOWNLOAD 
37 LEADERSHIP Lao PDR_Time Management file DOWNLOAD 
36 LEADERSHIP Lao PDR_Creativity file DOWNLOAD 
35 LEADERSHIP Lao PDR_Communication file DOWNLOAD 
34 LEADERSHIP Lao PDR_Self-Esteem file DOWNLOAD 
33 LEADERSHIP Lao PDR_Female Leadership & Vision file DOWNLOAD 
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